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Opening Night: Hand drawn by Hartwig Braun

We’ve been teasing you with sneak peaks of our preparations for months now, not only on our social platforms, newsletters but also on our blogs, and after what has been years of dreaming, months of planing and many challenges, the day finally came for Hartwig to have his first solo exhibition on February 4th aptly entitled ‘Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun’

Largely based upon his drawing methods and processes, this exhibition is designed to explain the one thing people have always asked: “How do you do this? Where do you start?”. Starting from initial rough sketches which lead to singular line drawings of what you normally see upstairs, this show is designed to give you a chronological understanding as to how Hartwig’s works come to pass, and develop into the intensely intricate and colourful things you see in their complete forms.

This space also includes a first public glimpse of personal endeavours and commissions that Hartwig has undertaken, as well as special edition versions of previously complete and seen artworks. The response to our opening night was met with incredible acclaim which we the team are extremely pleased about, but no one was more glad than Hartwig:


 “Before it began i felt extremely happy that we finally made it, because this essentially took years to come to fruition and over the past few months it came together very fast. The idea has always been thrown around, however always nice when a plan or a project comes together and finally gets there! 

I was also very curious about how people would react and what they would say. Fast forward to an hour into the opening and to be completely honest i completely switched off, all I was concentrating on was the next person I was in presence off and explaining my process. However I was very aware of what was going on around me and I was very happy that the night seemed to be such a huge success! there were not just close friends coming but also people who were impartial and the response was so positive!


Isaac’s thoughts:

I was really pleased to see it finally finished with all the final touches complete and fully realised. there was a point where I wasn’t sure if we were going to happen in time but it all fell into place just when needed, which is of course brilliant.

The evening was extremely special indeed and even if we look at things objectively and focus purely on the turn-out from the public, it really as a success. Positive feedback, everyone loved the space and also the fact that they now know how he works, which was the ultimate point. I’m really proud to see it all finished after it taking such a long time to get there, but the real joy is now knowing that now everyone can come downstairs and know what he’s about just by looking.


Seeing the space like this and the hugely positive response we received from this event  has also given us the scope and confidence to plan and consider external events similar to these in a pop-up format, wether in our own space or externally. This is something which we will obviously be keeping you up to date with, as well as how the downstairs develops with time!

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Our Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws

As mentioned before in one of our previous entries, we have an extensively varied range of cardboard jigsaws available in our shop and online. But what some of you may not know however is that we also sell a premium wooden range of jigsaws covering some of the same designs, and also some new.

The thing that makes these jigsaws so unique and also such a bigger challenge than our standard range, is the shape of the pieces. They aren’t in a traditional square form, but more triangular and curved but also smaller in size. But what makes these even more unique is the incorporation of the unique ‘whimsey’ pieces. These individually shaped pieces are all different and shaped around famous landmarks and iconography that lie within the image’s setting you the puzzler are building, these include ‘St Pauls Cathedral’, ‘Big Ben’ and even wildlife.



Currently our range is extensive, covering not only 250, 500 and 1000 piece varieties as well as standard 6×4 and panoramic ratios, but also a large range of subject matter. We currently have wooden jigsaws available for Berlin, Edinburgh, Our Wonderful Planet and of course all of our London variations. Previously we had a 250 Sydney jigsaw, as well as an extremely special 1500 piece version of ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ exclusively available in a Kickstarter campaign we launched 18 months ago. A video for this campaign was created for us to try and help us make this campaign a success, which you can view below. It also gives you a bit of a deeper insight as to why we chose Wentworth to produce these jigsaws for us and what makes them so special:

We’ve recently incorporated Hartwigs ‘Greenwich to Canary Wharf’ into our range too, something which we are applying to a lot of our range not only down to our location, but also to celebrate it being Hartwigs latest artistic achievement!

You can find out comprehensive range of our wooden puzzles here, starting at just £29.

Exhibition Update








Slowly but surely we are gearing ourselves up to the grand opening of ‘Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun’, Hartwig’s very own solo exhibition in the downstairs of our Greenwich gallery-shop, detailing his working methods and the steps he takes to create the finished works you may be more familiar with upstairs. For the past few weeks now we've had some of Hartwigs early sketches hanging on our wall ready and waiting in position to be mounted in perspex and we've also been busy framing some of the original line drawings, as well as putting together an installation and generally all-round prepping for the big event. We at Arty Globe are so excited that this is finally about to get off the ground, but none more-so than Hartwig himself:



“Basically having the opportunity to show people how I work, how I start, showing them the process and the different phases that I have to go through to get to what you all see normally day to day upstairs, (in the shop) is deeply satisfying. What until now has been hidden in the studio can be shown to the public, which can enable them to visually participate in the understanding of my creative process. 

 It also very rewarding to be able to show for the first time the initial stages of development, the works progress as well as the final line drawings done by hand. Our concept for this space will give us the flexibility to show various commissions outside of the Arty Globe shop space as well as introducing new drawings as and when I create them allowing to follow my journey, so to speak.” 

The event itself launches with an opening party on 4th February 2016, from 6:30pm. Complimentary drinks are provided free on arrival, so come down and join us for what will surely be a brilliant and inspiring evening!

Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun


As mentioned previously in our last newsletter, we’ve been working hard on a permanent exhibition displaying Hartwigs drawing process in the downstairs space at our Greenwich Gallery Shop. After months of planning and consideration, we are proud to announce that ‘Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun’ will officially be open to the public on Thursday 4th February 2016 starting at 6.30pm.

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This promises to be, not only a very special opening, but also a fantastic show visually explaining how Hartwig himself creates the drawings you’ve come to know and love.



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ITV London News Feature


'We would like to feature Hartwig Braun's artwork on ITV London News this Wednesday. Would it be okay to come & film Hartwig and you at Greenwich Market on Wednesday?' said the voice on the phone on Monday morning - two days before.

My mind was racing with conflicting thoughts as the week already looked like it's going to be bordering on mild-mania and on Wednesday we had a Christmas sales event in the City, which we could not easily cancel.

"Can we do it following week?" I asked the nice guy on the other side of the line in desperation after explaining the dilemma.

"Hmmm.... I don't think so", he said, "next week we have a different slot subject. We can come & film early in the morning if it helps, so you can get to your event in the afternoon." the nice man said and I just thought - that's an amazing opportunity so we'll just have to do it and go from mild-mania to wild-histerya this week. "Sure, absolutely, let's do it" I found myself saying... Wouldn't you?

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Greenslade School Mural


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Earlier in the year, Helen - a lovely school teacher from Greenslade School in Plumstead (London SE18 postcode) - stumbled across our Gallery Shop at Greenwich Market and immediately fell in love with Hartwig's artwork & style. She was completely taken by his 'Our Wondeful Planet' quirky and very playful depiction of our world, and wanted to have it at the school somehow.  

Helen thought about a large mural on one of the external school walls, but when I visited the school and spotted the 10 huge wooden doors inside the PE hall - I immediately thought to myself - 'yep, that's probably the best place for the artwork' and Helen agreed. So we went ahead to plan & arrange it all.

The mural was installed on the evening of 11th November 2014 by a lovely guy called Krum Dimitrov from MTADigital in Catford. It was great to see the doors slowly transform under Krum's experienced hands as he methodically & very expertly applied the vinyl to the individual door panels.

Greenslade School Mural

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London Looking West


Looking from the east onto the west, this new & most up-to-date (completed October 2014) depiction of London includes many of the city historic iconic buildings as well as the wonderful array of the modern towers and architectural landmarks that have sprung up in the City in the past decade.

This playfully intricate artwork by Hartwig features numerous recognisable landmarks of central London including; Tower 42, The Gherkin, Heron Towers, The Walkie Talkie Building, The Cheese Grater, Lloyds of London, The Royal Stock Exchange, Bank of England, Tower of London, London City Hall, The Shard, HMS Belfast, Southwark Cathedral, Tate Modern, St Paul's, The Guildhall, The Barbican & Guy's Hospital plus many more.

Click HERE to see & read more about it on Hartwig's personal website.

Now available on Open Edition & Limited Edition canvases as well as large Art Print and 500 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.


Maritime Greenwich; in 400 Pieces!

Our NEW puzzle; Maritime Greenwich is 400 pieces - a perfect size for those inbetween 100 and 1,000 piece puzzles! Also, with London, Our Wonderful Planet & other designs dominating the 100 and 1,000 puzzles it's nice to have the artwork of our local neighbourhood pride of place on the 400 piece puzzle - or "the one inbetween" our regular puzzle sizes!

400 BOX BAGPresented in a neat foldaway cardboard box, the 400 individual pieces are sealed in a plastic bag to ensure no missing pieces and even more than this, you get a bright colourful print of the finished jigsaw puzzle to use as a guide for if and when you might need help putting the pieces together!

This is a great gift for any puzzle enthusiast or someone who loves Greenwich! Also, it makes for a great family gift that everyone can help with. Dare we mention Christmas already (oops, we just did) but the 400 piece Maritime Greenwich jigsaw puzzle would be a fabulous Christmas present - and it's easy to wrap up! Have a browse through our jigsaw puzzles online here: Jigsaw Puzzles with the 400 piece puzzle online here: 400!

TOP TIP for those of you who want to keep your finished puzzles intact. It's a question we have been asked before. We suggest when you make up the puzzle - do so on a board to start with. Once you have finished puzzle place another piece of board on top - sandwiching the finished jigsaw puzzle inbetween, flip it over and you will now have the back facing up - simply tape across the back of the puzzle and you'll have a flimsy but stuck jigsaw puzzle altogether! You're welcome. 400 JIGSAW

Tea Towels - All Wrapped Up.

Tea Towels, there is more than you think when it comes to the useful kitchen accessory!

photo 4Did you know for example, the humble tea towel originated from the early 19th Century in England. Ladies of Victorian England used the linen as ways to protect their finest china when moving them around. The use stretched to drying china and mopping up spillages by the servants. Moreover, the Victorians put the tea towel to great use; utilising each linen as a tea cosy (wrapping it around the pot) protective cover over freshlay baked goods (to keep them warm and protection from flies) and the most decorative tea towels even became family heirlooms!


Tea Towels, have generally thought to stayed the same shape - just varying in sizes and material. The decorations have been simple or elaborate, hand-made or printed making for a popular souvenir of travellers. Victorian ladies took to their tea towels embroiding creatively and decorated their linens in various designs, often very intricate and therefore unqiue.

photo 2The urban tea towels you see on our webshop and in our shop are all proudly made in the UK and digitally printed. We use premium cotton to ensure the best quality for representing Hartwig's hand drawn artwork on the material. Since the Industrial Revolution, tea towels have been mass-produced and you can now find them in most stores with slogans, places, artwork, sport teams etc as the design. We proudly have UK made cotton tea towels, boasting Hartwig's unqiue hand drawn style of the urban landscape with available designs of London, Greenwich, Edinburgh, Paris & Sydney! As you'll see our tea towel designs include the title and Hartwig's name!

It's not just us getting excited about tea towels! Other blogs talk about the different designs and history - but we loved this one: 7 Uses for your Tea Towel - who knew they were so useful! As you'll see from our photos, we have added a loop to the tea towel making it easier to hang up in your kitchen without folding away and hiding the artwork!