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New Year, New Project, New IKEA...

If you're a local resident, here in Greenwich, then you will know about the opening of the new IKEA store at Greenwich Peninsula. Through a chance meeting a year before, Hartwig was commissioned to draw the new building & surrounding area to celebrate the launch. Really lovely project to start the new year with...

Starting in the first week of January, Hartwig worked hard on the initial research, early sketches and final drawings of the new artwork. As you can see from the photos below you will recognise his usual layering style of adding refinement and detail at each stage of drawing. He had this to say,

“A nice to start the new year as a busy, busy bee after being approached by a very big name of the retail world to celebrate the opening of their new store in Greenwich
- which is the first one of a new generation, caring about sustainability and connecting with the community (hence why they chose a local artist)"      Hartwig Braun, artist.

(Read more in his Blog post, here)


Screen Shot 2019 02 19 at 12.27.46

The blue & yellow monochromatic colour-way version of the commissioned piece has been presented as a special gift to all VIP attendees to the stakeholders dinner on 31st January whilst 600 people who helped to make the building a reality received the full coloured version on the opening day on 7th February. Adding to their community ethos, everyone who has helped launch the new IKEA was given a framed print of the artwork - each one signed personally by Hartwig.

Working closely with the store manager and IKEA's PR & Communications team - as well as staff at the new store - we have had a very enjoyable experience!!

“To celebrate the opening of our leading sustainable store in Greenwich, we wanted to create a memento which demonstrated that IKEA was committed to being a good neighbour in the local community and an integral part of the city landscape. One of the Greenwich co-workers came across Hartwig’s work at Greenwich Market and we instantly fell in love with his unique style and use of colour. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Hartwig and we’re delighted with the illustration that he created.”     Helen Aylett, Store Manager at IKEA Greenwich.

Screen Shot 2019 02 19 at 12.31.09

Screen Shot 2019 02 19 at 12.33.15