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Get Comfy, Make a Call

2 Cushions 6045 BCL SF Pastel 1

Sit back, relax, get comfy. But you'll need something comfortable behind you, so let us introduce our NEW cushion covers! Yes we have had cushion covers before, but these are printed to order in the UK and we have colour matched them to give the best finished look, akin to Hartwig's large art prints & canvases.

Triptich Square LLW LD 1

We are excited to bring you new products and more designs than ever before available, on cushion covers! Printed all over, on both sides, you can not miss the artwork on these. Two sizes available; 45cm and 60cm squared, you can even layer cushions on the sofa, or bed, to create a premium and arty display! For example why not have a 60cm cushion behind a 45cm cushion of the same - or differing - design! What's more, some designs are available as a triptych - a panorama across 3 cushions, allowing you to spread a design across your sofa. As you can see from the photo below, you can have London, Berlin or Sydney as a triptych. See the range at this link here: Cushion Covers.


iPhone 6 Case LLW FC 01Once all the cushions are in place, you can get on with the nation's favourite past time - looking at your Smartphone, calling someone, taking selfies, catching up on social media. But no smartphone is complete without a piece of artwork on the case. So let us introduce the many designs, colours and cases available with Hartwig's hand-drawn artwork on them. Have a look through which cities are available and choose your favourite. The web shop shows some examples of the different cases, however, you will see from the drop down menu there are a few different Apple & Samsung phones we can cover. iPhone 6 Case NYC Pale Blue 01


Whether it's of your home city, or to remember somewhere you have visited, having one of our phone cases in your hand is a nice way of owning a piece of art. These two examples show a colourful London and a blue New York City. Hartwig has taken everything into consideration when choosing which designs and crops because of the shape of each case and positioning of lens/flash hole, but keeping the artwork still legible. See for youself at this link here: Smartphone Covers.