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Hartwig Braun Dot Com


With plenty to keep Hartwig Braun occupied lately, this also means his website and social media has been in need of a revival. So this spring has seen a steady stream of uploads, that we thought could do with your attention.

While Hartwig focusses on the intricate line drawings - currently 'Berlin Looking South' - he will update his Instagram account for an exclusive look "From The Drawing Board."  Mixed in with these are updates from Hartwig of what he is upto, or where he is. For example, his most recent trip away - a long weekend in Paris - was captured in a few snaps.

It gives you an insight into how Hartwig works, from one step to the next. Sharing with you little tricks and unique ways to make his artwork. As well as seeing the Metropolis through his eyes.

Fa69105_ef22399420f74e279cec014341acfc04~mv2_d_1224_1632_s_2.jpgurthermore, at each stage of his drawings, he may update his website with a blog post. As you can see from the recent blogs, spanning his time working on the drawing stage of 'Berlin Looking South.'  These blogs give you an insight from the artist himself, as to how he tackles each stage of the drawing process and how he moves onto the next part.  Keep an eye on his blog for the next stage of drawing - colouring in!  A blog is a great way to condense loads of information with visuals and all in his own words.  Keep an eye on the Blog page of Hartwig's website, as no doubt there will be more on his latest Berlin drawing and all future commissions and drawings Hartwig finds himself working on.

We - at Arty Globe - share Hartwig's work and show the commercial potential of his artwork. However we think it is important for the artist to speak for himself and share things as he grows. It is art before it becomes a mug, jigsaw puzzle or tshirt, for example, and the artist wants to show off how he works to the finished product. Which is why we want to share more of the Art Prints and Canvases of the finishined and most detailed artwork (both available Open and/or Limited Editions)


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