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Ravensburger Take on Our World

Exciting news to share with you all!

You will be very familiar with our popular 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles - and all the other size options of jigsaw puzzle.  Well, the lovely people at Ravensburger have fallen for Hartwig's intricate and detailed drawings; so much so, they have commissioned a 1,500 piece jigsaw puzzle of 'Our Wonderful Planet'

With Ravenburger's puzzle expertise, Hartwig's artistic license and Isaac's business know how, a collaboration has formed and we'll be excited to share the new puzzle with you soon!  "Cartoon Earth" a translated version of 'Our Wonderful Planet' - for the mass market that Ravensburger have access to - you'll see the much loved artwork by Hartwig, bigger and in more pieces! Fun for all the family.

AGL JP 1000 World

This new 1,500 piece puzzle will have a completed size of 84 x 59cm - larger than our existing 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the same design. So we hope you have a large board to lay all the pieces onto!

Through working with Ravensburger, the jigsaw puzzle will be stocked on Amazon, Jigsaw Puzzle Direct and Tesco initially, and also from us! You'll be first to know when they are in stock!

Ravensburger are a well known manufacturer of jigsaws; based in Germany - no relation to Hartwig also being German! Launching their first game in 1884 "A Trip Around the World"; you could say they have something of a love for the globe and Hartwig's artwork of 'Our Wonderful Planet' works so well with them. Last year Ravensburger acquired US based company 'ThinkFun.' Ravensburger also have their own interactive museum and theme park!

 IMG 3467