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Exhibition & Launch of New Art Prints

UKM W 038 by H

As stated in our previous blog post, launching 'Jolly Britain.' We had another exciting announcement for Monday 28th November.  The exhibition and pop-up shop to launch NEW art prints by Hartwig Braun.  You will have seen the recognisable open edition prints of various cities, in their bright full colour palette.  You will have also seen the black and white or pastel limited edition versions of the popular city scenes by Hartwig; but now, in time for Christmas he is launching a whole new look, a striking version of London and Greenwich prints, to start with.

Something we had experimented with before - just the black line drawing; now stands out as a masterpiece on it's own.  Which is why we are excited to share with you these special versions of the hand drawn artwork.  Only recently realising it's impact shown in this way.  The striking depictions of London & Greenwich in this way will suit any home, work or community wall space.

Opening night was Monday 28th November - 5 days after launching 'Jolly Britain' in our shop gallery on the 23rd, and will run until the 15th of December.  You will not have to travel far though, we have been lucky to fill an empty unit here in Greenwich Market to put on the exhibition and pop-up. You'll find it at 7A Greenwich Market, next door to The Flood Gallery.  The space is perfect for duiaplying the large framed line drawings, as well as a new range of products featuring the artwork. Everything you see, is new.

Below is the invite flyer and a couple of photos from the pop-up. You can get an idea of the new look from the visual below. It really is something to behold when printed large and on a wall. We look forward to welcoming you there over the next couple of weeks.

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