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1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Trio - Paris, Royal Maritime Greenwich & Edinburgh
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You may need alot of time for these three 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles! Presented in premium tin boxes, these 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles are a real challenge but lots of fun. As you piece the jigsaw together, the hand drawn designs start forming before your eyes you’ll be able to spot famous landmarks of 'Paris,' 'Royal Maritime Greenwich' and 'Edinburgh' by Hartwig Braun.

Design: 'Paris' in one tin, 'Royal Maritime Greenwich' in the second and 'Edinburgh' in the third tin.

The completed jigsaw puzzle sizes are: 'Paris,' 'Royal Maritime Greenwich' and 'Edinburgh': 66 x 50 cm appx.

All 3 jigsaws are packaged by us in the UK.


About Hartwig Braun

Hartwig Braun is a fine artist specialising in design-led illustrative works, using his architectural background to create expansive, detailed and engaging cityscapes utilisng a mixture of organic materials and digital methods. Scale and fine details are important part of his aesthetic, which combined with a passion for the urban experience and visual iconography, has developed a working practice that combines a technical accuracy with a playful agenda. Using traditional drawing techniques as well as the help of modern technology and tools, Hartwig’s managed to create what he considers to be a unique yet mass appealing visual style.

About ‘Arty Globe by Hartwig Braun’

Arty Globe launched at Greenwich Market in 2008, starting life in the form of a weekend market stall. In April 2009 the business expanded to a retail unit in the same location, with he ethos behind the business is to provide a means to make Hartwig’s works accessible to a wider audience in the form of quality gifts and products that are largely UK produced, with designs that include cityscapes, landmarks and other cultural icons produced in Hartwig’s signature style.