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1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Our Wonderful Planet
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Price: £26.00
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You may need a bit of time for this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle! Presented in a tin box, this jigsaw puzzle is a real challenge but lots of fun. As you piece the jigsaw together and Our Wonderful Planet starts forming before your eyes you’ll be able to spot famous landmarks, animals & characters around the world.

Taking in many celebrated landmarks, national icons, animals and sea life from around the world, this view of 'Our Wonderful Planet' by Hartwig Braun is the latest complex and intricate hand-drawn artwork completed to date. Looking high above our planet Hartwig takes us on an exploration tour of our world to discover its complex bio-diversity and wonderful mix of cultures. Huge amount of research was carried out by Hartwig before hand-drawing this image - as always, he wanted to make sure that the finished piece in indigenously and culturally accurate yet playful and fun at the same time. 'Our Wonderful Planet' is one of those images you can spend hours studying to continuously discover new details in the artwork!


Design: Our Wonderful Planet in Full Colour.

The completed jigsaw puzzle size is: 68.5 x 48 cm (approx.)

This jigsaw puzzle is exclusively made for us in small quantities in Belgium and proudly packaged by us in the UK.